Introducing the Big Shoulders CrossFit Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founder

Founder of Big Shoulders CrossFit

Brendan Ziegler

Brendan opened Big Shoulders CrossFit in 2015 with the goal of creating a diverse community of individuals driven to improve the health, happiness, and performance of themselves, and those around them.

Brendan has had a lifelong passion for sports and fitness. He started his coaching at the age of 16 teaching kids basketball, soccer, and baseball at his local community center. Brendan has continued to coach throughout his life, working with youth sports organizations, leading group fitness classes, and doing personal training sessions.

While attending Whitman College in Washington State, Brendan played Basketball, majored in Psychology, and minored in Sports Studies, Recreation, and Athletics. After graduating in 2009, Brendan considered continuing his education and going into business consulting, or working in his family business.

While exploring these options, Brendan started doing CrossFit himself to workout and quickly fell in love with the training methodology. Drawn to CrossFit’s welcoming community and it’s encouraging environment, Brendan took a greater and greater interest in the workout program and by the end of 2011 had shifted gears and was a full-time fitness coach.

When the opportunity came in 2015 to open his own facility, he jumped at the chance. Brendan found that owning a CrossFit gym was a perfect blend of his passion for athletics, helping others, and running a small business. It truly is his dream profession!

Our Professional Coaches

Coach at Big Shoulders CrossFit


Julia started as a member of BSCF in 2017. A quick learner, Julia started to find CrossFit as one of her favorite activities outside of her lifelong passion of playing and teaching music. She started coaching in early 2019 and has been a vital member of the BSCF team ever since.

Julia is the definition of consistency. She rarely misses a day of training, and her improvement as an athlete, and coach, over the years is proof of that!

Julia has a natural empathy that lends itself perfectly to coaching CrossFit, as she pairs it with just enough tough love to get the best out of everyone in her class.

Watch Julia discuss her story here:

Coach at Big Shoulders CrossFit


Rick started CrossFit back in 2012 and has recently begun coaching at BSCF. It won't take long for you to meet Coach Rick, he's one of the most welcoming members of Big Shoulders (and that's saying something!)

When Rick isn’t working out you will see him helping others with their lifts and encouraging them during a workout. He truly is passionate about building a strong community and helping others achieve their highest level of health, happiness, and performance.

Coach at Big Shoulders CrossFit


Dana started CrossFit in 2012 and was able to use her background of tennis and pole vaulting to quickly excel. She often did local competitions, including some at Big Shoulders CrossFit! While she loves the competitive environment of CrossFit, she really enjoys the friendship and community that comes from it.

Dana is always striving to better herself both in, and out, of the gym. She brings a positive and cheerful energy to each class she coaches and is always checking in with members to see how they’re doing. She also has a strong focus on proper form and technique. That acute attention to detail brings out the best of her classes by holding everyone to a high standard, while still having fun!